What you will find here: Intended to display minor modifications to my Westfield SEi, this blog now witnesses the two year rebuild (and more) after a major crash in October 2011. Have fun and feel free to add a comment at the end of any post.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Electronic Control Unit - ECU

With one post listing the market's throttle bodies, it was obvious to follow with a round-up of ECUs. There is a wild bunch out there and I had to limit myself with some criteria. The two main topics for me are "free programming" and "universal use". You can find ECUs allowing to be tuned only by professionals or freely tunable ones but for specific engines only, as well as motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or watersports specific ECUs ... those are not in my list. 
Megasquirt is the most popular DIY controller, you can even solder it yourself if you dare. I avoided its derivatives as they are all based on the same board. Nevertheless, the following round-up may not be complete, so if you know of any other brand, feel free to add a comment. Brand names are links (please report dead links).

AEM - Bosch - Canems - DTA - ECUmaster - Emerald - EMS - Haltech - KMS - Magneti-Marelli - MBE - Megasquirt - Motec - Omex - Perfect Power - Sybele - Trijekt - Weber - ...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Throttle bodies

Although the conversion is made and functions well, I wanted to have a look at what other throttle bodies I could have used. Quite rapidly, I decided for Jenvey because they have a good reputation and were included in a kit I purchased. One of the main criteria was the bolt on ease due to the Weber DCOE and/or Dellorto DHLA bolt pattern. The manifold can be maintained if you had such carburettors beforehand. I limited the search for other brands to those which have DCOE-style throttle bodies, but also found a lot of DIY items, ranging from the welded injector bung in the manifold to the complete engineering, milling, turning and manufacturing. So here comes the round-up! Feel free to drop me a message if you know of any other brand manufacturing their own design. I will be more than happy to add them to the display.
(clicking on the name leads to the manufacturer if available, updated February 5, 2014)

(well, if you want to have something special, theseTBs also sport the Weber bolt pattern... and with the original red trumpets, it just looks the lot :-)... as found on Alpina 2002tii (B4) f.ex.