What you will find here: Intended to display minor modifications to my Westfield SEi, this blog now witnesses the two year rebuild (and more) after a major crash in October 2011. Have fun and feel free to add a comment at the end of any post.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Adaptor to cover

Since I changed the crankshaft ventilation, I always had some engine oil spilled all over the bay. Some recommend to connect it to the rocker cover, so I had to modify it. Bore a hole of 8.5mm, thread it to 1/8"27 and loctite an adaptor to Dash 6 ... here we go. Test drive soon!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rear brakes (MOT fail)

The ACL is the luxembourgish (national) automobile club. Some years ago, they started to offer MOT for young- and oldtimers. This year was a first for me to try this service out. Unfortunately, my car failed the brakes test due to a rotten rear wheel cylinder. When I disassembled it, I found a completely blocked cylinder at the rear left. I made my shopping list:
rear wheel cylinder - Hitec H27270 (19mm)
rear brake shoes - TRW GS6125 (38x203mm)
shoe fitting kit (springs) - Hitec H7514
The cylinder is measured inwards and not at the stub protruding, the shoes measurements are simply measured width per length of the brake pad glued to its carrier. The next post will be about the reassembly.

Monday, February 27, 2017

New hose

Crankcase and rocker cover breathing hose redone with Aeroquip fittings, everything cleaned and delete of breather box (see previous post). Next modification will be some sort of protection for the oilsump and connecting plate to the gearbox.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Crank case breather box

original breather box                               modified aeroquip fuel filter casing

fuel filter casing                                       position on block

breather elbow from Burton

The engine recently started to spill some oil out of the dipstick and the crank case breather box. A known issue with tuned engines running high rpm and big oil pumps and high oil pressure. The internet is full of modifications to remedy this problem. Burton is a supplier for Kent xflow engine aftermarket parts and has some usefull information on their internet site. Since I haven't anything else to order, I was looking for some other solution than the elbow they suggest to use instead of the crank case breather box. By chance, I had a fuel filter lying around with almost the same diameter than the original nozzle going into the engine. After some modification on the lathe, I fabricated my own adapter to which I now can connect an aeroquip aluminium connector and matching oil conduct.